About us

The Cartiera S. Rocco Mill S.p.A. has been for years a reference point in the production of tissue paper for hygienic purposes, through the exclusive use of recycled materials.

The Cartiera S. Rocco Mill S.p.A. with over 25 years of experience (born in 1982), produces mother reels (jumbo rolls) which are destined for the paper-converting industry and for the production of final products of mass consumption, such as: paper napkins, toilet paper, industrial rolls, paper towels, etc.

The strengths of our company are our high quality and our regard for the environment.

Our quality standards can satisfy the requests of every kind production and of the most demanding customers.

Our regard for the environment is a strong point in our company policy. Less natural resources consumption, less emissions in atmosphere, less production and more waste recycling, higher environmental performances in general: the environment is our future.