Life pioneer project

Between the end of 2003 and the first few months of 2006 Cartiera S.Rocco S.p.A. took part in the LIFE-PIONEER (Paper Industry Operating in Network: an Experimento for EMAS Revision) project, which was coordinated by the Provincia di Lucca with the partnership of the IEFE-Bocconi university and the Scuola S.Anna, the Associazione degli Industriali and the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca.

The PIONEER project is aimed at the experimental application of the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) environmental certificate - Regulation CE 761/2001 of the Paper Mill District of Capannori, which Cartiera S.Rocco is part of, as well as the registration of the individual companies which take part in the Project.

EMAS certifies that a production site manages its own production cycle and company in a way that has the least possible impact on the environment, striving to improve on the quality of life of its employees, of the local people and of the population as a whole.

EMAS as a whole reflects the way of thinking and acting at Cartiera S.Rocco S.p.A. Sustainable development and respect for the environment are the values that our company believes in and it is for this reason that we have taken part in the LIFE-PIONEER project with great enthusiasm.

Since September 2005 Cartiera S.Rocco S.p.A. has put its own Environmental Management System into act in all of its company activities: Production, maintenance management, waste disposal, purchasing, sales etc.

On 29th June 2006 the government approved environmental inspector from Rina S.p.A. came to Cartiera S.Rocco S.p.A. and approved the conformity of the site with the EMAS regulation.

The Environmental Declaration of our company is currently being examined by the Ecolabel and Ecoaudit Comities so as Cartiera S.Rocco S.p.A. can be included in the EMAS register.

We confide in being registered with EMAS in the very near future and this will mark an important event that we shall be very proud of.
Rag. Domenici Osvaldo
Environmental Management Systems’ Manager

LIFE is a European Union financial instrument used for the improvement and updating of the Community policy. “LIFE Environment” is involved with environmental management with other policies as well as sustainable development.

Paper Industry Operating in Network: an Experiment for EMAS Revision

EMAS – Regulation CE 761/2001: “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme” It is a scheme put forward by the EU involving voluntary environmental certification, usually aimed as industrial companies, public institutions and tertiary sector companies. Regulation CE n° 761/2001.

Paper District: A geographical area where the main production activity is the production of paper, and more specifically paper converting.

Environmental Management System: The part of the company management system which includes the company structure, the responsibility, the procedures, the processes and the resources to define, activate and maintain the Environmental Policy. In other words a Environmental Management System is the instrument that the company disposes of to improve the Environmental performance and reduce the effect its activity has on the environment

Environmental Policy: Declaration, made by the company, of its intentions and its principals linked to the environment, which gives a reference table of its activity and a definition of its objective and goals for improvement in the sector of the environment. Read Cartiera S.Rocco S.p.A.’s environmental policy. “link to the environmental policy”

Sustainable development: a concept which links into all of the topics discussed at the UN Environment Conference, which took place in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. It is understood as being development “which satisfies the current needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to satisfy their own needs”.

Environmental Declaration: A document which is aimed at the public where the company adheres to the EMAS regulation and gives the information needed linked to its own activity and its impact on the environment and presents the Environmental Management System.