Purchasing and stockpiling of the raw material

The raw materials are mainly transported via road and generally come from waste paper. This material comes from the recycling centres and, after being accepted (having checked the documents, looked at the material and weighed it) it is stockpiled in the open yards between the buildings at the mill and the Torrente Pescia Minore. The waste paper comes in “bales” of different types of used paper and different types of contaminants (often plastic, little pieces of iron etc.)

Other than waste paper, Cartiera San Rocco uses, in the production cycle, virgin pulp – but in a lesser percentage as apposed to the waste paper. This also arrives in bales, but is stored inside the warehouse.

Another important raw material for the paper mill is water, which there is a collection point for at the derivation point of the Torrente Pescia Minore.

The mill also uses chemicals to add to the paste during the preparation phase. These are stocked in cubes, bins or bags, according to their form, in a special area which is protected in case of spillage.