Data on production:

Toilet Paper: tissue paper with no anti-pulping treatment. Used mainly to produce rolls of toilet paper.

WS: tissue paper with anti-pulping treatment. Used for a range of products: industrial rolls, napkins, facial tissues, kitchen roll etc.

Height of reel: the reels are produced at a maximum height of 300 cm, without being trimmed at the sides, at a maximum height of 260 cm. In between heights are produced only if the sum comes to a height between the minimum and maximum height.

Diameter of the reel: from a minimum of 100 cm. to a maximum of 220 cm.

Core diameter: 76mm - 150mm

Plys: from 1 to 4 plys.

Grams: from a minimum of 18 grams to a maximum of 48 grams.

Lengthening (Kreping): from a minimum of 8/10% to a maximum of 28/30%.

Each production is carried out according to the technicasl specifications provided by the customer when ordering.